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Evaluation of External Requests

1. All requests for donations and sponsorships by external parties will be considered by CSRC on their own merits. Requests are reviewed carefully based on the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

2. CSRCwill give funding and priority to its owninitiated activities, events or projects which Group employees would also be engaged in. Employee participation in CSR initiatives is highly encouraged by CSRC as a means for holistic development.

3. Given that CSRC fundingis constrained by budgets, requests for cash donations will generally not normally be entertained. Exceptions will only be made if:

(a) Group employeesare  actively involved in the CSR initiative or part thereof; or  
(b) the CSR initiative was formed as a result of or otherwise relates to a natural disaster, in which case CSRC, would seek to offer support and stability in such a crisis.

4. CSRC cannot accommodate all eligible requests received from external parties. Requests will be granted for initiatives which best meet the objectives of the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

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TN Baker

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