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How To Submit A Request For Support To The CSRC

1. Requests from External parties wishing to request for support, donations or sponsorship for its initiative(s) should send a written proposal at least two (2) months before the date of the said initiative(s). The proposal must as a minimum contain the following traceable information:

(a) The official name of the organisation, details of registration with any welfare body including registration number (where applicable), location/mailing  address, telephone and fax details, and email address (if any); 

(b) The name and title of the contact person in the organisation, with contact details;

(c) A brief description of the organisation, with credential details or any past initiatives;

(d) Details of the initiative(s) to be supported, funded or sponsored by CSRC, including the objectives, timeline, location and targeted audience or beneficiaries;

(e) The reasons for requiring assistance;

(f) Explanation of how the initiative is distinct from others, and why CSRC should offer contributions;

(g) Information on the type and level of contribution sought, including a description of how the contribution will be used;

(h) Details of other people or organisations providing previous or current contributions (if any); and

(i) Details of media exposure and media partners, if any. Parties receiving contributions from CSRC are required to adhere to such conditions by CSRC concerning marketing, publicity and impact assessment. 

2. The CSRC is unlikely to consider proposals that do not satisfactorily comply with the aboverequirements.

TN Baker

TN Baker

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