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TNAM commenced operations as an independent asset manager in 2003. The company survived the turmoil of the 2003 financial sector crises and was licensed by the Central Bank as a portfolio manager in May 2004. The institution has since grown to be a dominant market player with assets under management valued at over US$30million.


Over the years, TNAM has managed a portfolio of clients, most of which are blue chip companies in major sectors of the local and regional economy.

TNAM developed innovative solutions that retained value during Zimbabwe’s hyper-inflationary period “2007 – 2009” such as the;

Hybrid Fund:

The investment objective was to attain capital appreciation for conservative investors through structured fixed investment securities with minimal exposure to risk, bearing in mind the investors’ unique profiles.

Employee Investment Schemes:

It was a value preservation model for Corporates at a time when remuneration value was eroded by inflation, impacting negatively on employees’ moral and productivity. The solution entailed payment of remuneration to employees using listed securities.

Medical Benefit Solutions, which later grew to stand alone as TN Medical Benefit Funds (Pvt) Ltd.

Introduced a goal oriented fund, The TN Wedding Investment Fund in 2011 that allows participants to save towards a wedding vision in future.

oRevived securitization of equity receivables in 2011, with a holistic approach that ensured transfer of value from originators to investors.

Structured Finance products in 2011 worth US$2million anchored on Agro – Inputs with a strategic partner.

TN Baker

TN Baker

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